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Coffee importing from Uganda

Traceable Certified Coffee From Uganda

Interested to invest in our social enterprise We can offer a decent interest-plan. Please send an email to for more information. See our pitch here (Via Mission-invest). 


Who we are.

Truly Great Robusta Coffee

Ndugu Coffee is a social enterprise on a mission to make agribusiness sustainably work for all involved. We envision a farmer driven coffee supply chain that sustainably profits all stakeholders in the value chain, especially farmers. 

We produce the best Robusta coffee in the world. Robusta is born and indigenous to Uganda. The coffee plant was discovered in the 1800s, and has therefore been cultivated for centuries. 


Ndugu currently represents more than 6.000 Ugandan coffee farmers that are united in 16 unique cooperatives. All of them are based in the Greater Masaka area, a region known for quality Robusta coffee.

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Around Masaka, Uganda

What we do. 

Ndugu empowers coffee farmers and their cooperatives by investing in three strategic areas: Production, Marketing and Access to Finance. Our efforts in this regard are guided by the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard. The ultimate aim is to allow these cooperatives to develop into competitive community based social enterprises.


When purchasing Ndugu Coffee you make a direct contribution to improved livelihoods for Ugandan coffee farmers and support the development of a more equitable and fair coffee sector.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Our stories. 

Ethical Coffee

At Ndugu coffee, we define Ethical Coffee as coffee that is produced in a sustainable and environment-friendly way and that fairly rewards all supply chain actors for their efforts in bringing the wonder coffee to the consumer especially (smallholder) farmers who produce it.  


Why Ethical Coffee Matters

A poorly paid farmer who’s struggling to take care of basic needs for his or her family can never dedicate resources, effort or time to take care of the environment, because it simply isn’t the priority. Unless it becomes profitable to protect that environment. In the case of Ethical Coffee, profitability and ecological farming come together. 


Ndugu Coffee’ Approach

So we partner with SUCAFINA/ UGACOF, East Africa’s top coffee exporter, to make sustainable coffee production profitable for farmers by guaranteeing premium prices to those who meet Rain Forest Alliance standards.


To this end, we have so far invested in empowering 28 Cooperatives, facilitated the traceability of 5153 farmers, geo tagged 6179 gardens, audited 6163 farms and facilitated the certification and audit of 3800 farmers. 


Certified and traceable farmers are already earning 9.6 percent more income compared to their colleagues who are not certified.  This year, we start promoting Regenerative Agriculture farming practices to boost farmers’ productivity and income potential per garden by encouraging crop diversity. And agro-forestry so that farmers profit from organically replenishing their soils and growing commercially viable shade trees in their gardens.

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